Howard Brown Case Study

Since 1974, Howard Brown Health has been focused on providing uncompromising, personal care for a marginalized community. Howard Brown approached Digital Kitchen to reimagine their brand—capturing their vibrant spirit with a fresh new perspective. 

Agency: Digital Kitchen
Executive Creative Director: Camm Rowland 
Creative Director: Kinsey Gross 
Creative Director: Kelly Dorsey (Campaign) 
Writer: Les Hilliard 
Designers / Creative: Yairon Martinez, Chelsea Chrisman, Hasan Khalid, Megan Pelto, Cheryl Faux, Josh Klekamp 
Animation: Luis Fernando Roca
Photographers: Colin Davis, Yairon Martinez 
Executive Producer: Colin Davis
Producer: Erin Liston
Creative Technologist: Kevin Bleich
Sound Design: Lauren Toosevich, Fat Frank